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Horn Hunter Packs

Full Curl Lite Frame Pack

Full Curl Lite Frame Pack

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Expandable system adapts to your hunting situation 

The enormous success out west of our Full Curl Frame led us to design the Full Curl Light
for our whitetail fans. Getting to the perfect stand location with all your gear is not always easy, especially on public land. Our new Full Curl Light was designed exactly for that purpose! 

You can load up your stand or platform, harness, climbing sticks, ect. on the frame and lock them down. Then snap on the G3 pack and you’re on your way! When you arrive at your stand snap the G3 pack off your frame, hang it up in the tree to provide the perfect organizer for your gear. 

We took the enormous success of our full curl frame and designed an even lighter, more compact version: 

  • 3.3 lbs 
  • Light weight tubular aluminum frame
  • Comfortable suspension system with load lift shoulder straps
  • Side panels for maximum load compression
  • Dual drop down pouches for tripod and spotting scope
  • Adjustable flexible load shelf
  • Adaptable, works with Full Curl accessory packs
  • Narrow, low profile, ergonomic design
  • Hip belt pockets fit most rangefinders, radios, and GPS
  • Dual accessory belt straps 
  • Foldable, flex shelf for greater load support 
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