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Beard Buster Ground and Pound System

Beard Buster Ground and Pound System

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We believe that the more time you spend in the field in comfort, the better your odds are of success. The Ground ‘n’ Pound chair allows you to sit for longer periods of time while minimizing movement.

The frame provides a stable back rest. It can be adjusted to compensate for various terrain and positions. The detachable drawstring string bag is great for decoys or elec- tronic calls. It all folds up into a convenient hands, free pack.

The Ground’n Pound System provides an instant back rest while in the field. Great for predator or turkey hunting, glassing, or any time hunting from the ground.

Ground ‘n’ Pound System


  • Drawstring Bag
  • Vest Panels

Vest panel features:

  • Rangefinder pocket
  • Remote call pocket
  • Rifle and shotgun shell
  • Multiple gear pouches

If you’ve spent any time in the field, hunting on the ground, you’ll appreciate our ground and pound hunting chair, and the comfort it provides. Seems like when you find the perfect hunting location for turkeys, predators or just glassing that far away ridge, there’s never a good spot to set up. We’re always looking for a tree, a bush or a fence post in the right spot to give us a back rest. But they never seem to be in the right place. With the ground and pound chair you can sit in that perfect spot, every time, because it provides you with that much-needed backrest. The collapsible legs adjust for various back-rest positions and the thick padded seat allows for extended periods of time in the field. One of the benefits of our hunting chair is it allows you to stay in the field longer, in comfort, with a lot less movement, which increases your odds while hunting. It sets up in seconds so it’s the perfect padded seat for chasing turkeys when you have to set up quickly. It’s a complete game changer for predator hunting. With the solid backrest it helps anchor you for a better shot and allows you to sit motionless while coyotes are coming in. In addition to hunting situations, it’s great for glassing while seated on the ground for extended periods of time. The closed cell foam seat keeps you dry and comfortable, and off the cold wet ground! It comes with shoulder straps and an accessory bag perfect for decoys calls or extra gear!

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