The most important purchase for hunting besides your Bow or Rifle.

My name is Michael Duff, I was born in the small town of Panguitch, Utah which is surrounded by some of the best hunting and fishing in Southern Utah.  I was introduced to hunting at a very young age and my interest for the outdoors and all things wildlife have grown every since.

I am an avid shed hunter, it has become one of my greatest hobbies hands down. My dad always told me the best therapy you can get, is getting out and taking advantage of God’s country. There is something about the fresh crisp air, and laying down boot track, in search of the next big shed. I’ve had the great opportunity to film big game hunts for Sportman’s News Television, experience some amazing country, and meet some incredible people along the way.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the Full Curl Horn Hunting Pack, by Eric Chesser from GetHushin, I have been a huge fan ever since and I take it everywhere I go. I have been through many different packs, and this product by far excels any other pack. I have put the Full Curl to the test many times, packing nearly 70 pounds of elk shed antlers for many miles as well as packing harvested animals with no stress on my shoulders or back. I usually average about 10 miles every trip, and you’ll never catch me without this pack. The material, buckles, and zippers are extremely durable. I have never blown a zipper or broke a strap and I’ve tested it to its max. It is proof that Horn Hunter takes pride in their products.

There are many different compartments to carry knives, flashlights, food, and also a place to attach your bow or rifle.  This pack is for all you hard core hunters, I guarantee you will not be disappointed, and you will not regret giving this pack a try. MDUFFhornhunter2

Michael Duff Avid Shed Hunter

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