Snap Shot Scope Cover Review by Nimrod Outdoors

SnapShot by Horn Hunter Review

BY Jeff Barlow (Nimrod Outdoors)


If you are looking for an easy quick and inexpensive way to protect you valuable scope look no further. We have found the SnapShot by Horn Hunter meets all those requirements and many more. Designed with protection in mind, the SnapShot has padded end caps to make sure your lenses are protected. The easy simple design has been well though out and make installation and usage almost effortless.


It is a 2 step simple installation

  • Take the front cover, slide the slit of the cover over the back of the scope and pull forward. Cover the front end of your scope with the endcap and release.
  • Take the back cover, slice the slit in the cover over the front of the scope and the front cover. Pull it backward to the back of the scope and cover the lens with the padded end cap and release.

The SnapShot cover is made of a neopreen material so it is water resistant and will help protect your scope from moisture. You can rest assured that you scope will stay dry even on the wetest days in the field. The SnapShot comes in 2 colors (black and Camo) and in 3 different sizes. It is offered in a large lens cover (40mm – 50mm optics), a standard lens cover (30mm optics) and a extended length cover for those scopes that are a little longer (scoped over 14” long).

The use of the SnapShot scope cover is so easy to use. The  cover stays on the scope while in the field to keep it protected. Once you have spotted your quary it only takes seconds to snap those covers (front and back) up and out of the way. You are now ready to put your crosshairs on that target. When you are done, you simply snap the covers back into place to resume protection of your scope. Simple, Easy, what more could you want.

Best of all, it is very affordable. Depending on what color and size of SnapShot you are looking at getting, the price veries from $22 – $25. This is a small cost for the quality and functionality of this product. This is a product we use and love, and would recommend to everyone.

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