VIDEO: Priceless Reaction From A Young Hunter Who Smokes A Buck.

How many of you remember when you were young, embarking on sought-after hunting trip? Remember the excitement that filled your soul from getting up early heading out on the mountain or to a tree stand before the morning sunrise. The overwhelming anticipation of waiting for passing game to reveal themselves, providing you with an opportunity to harvest your first animal. Many times we’d wait patiently as our mind played tricks on us with sounds of small game moving through the woods. But when that moment came everything seemed to stop—all sounds cease, your mind becomes completely focused on the approach game as you take aim. After discharging your weapon—knowing you made a well-placed shot, your body surges with adrenaline, excitement and emotions begin to emerge as you express your overwhelming joy for that small moment of conservation. Many of us express our excitement in different forms such as yelling, jumping, a fist pump, exchanging high-fives or even crying. Whatever the emotion we’ve all been there, a moment we’ll never forget and always cherish.

Watch below as this young hunter from Heartland Bowhunter TV Show gives a whitetail a dirt nap in its place—literally. After delivering a solid shot, his reaction is priceless. His emotions overcome him with tears of joy, a proud moment for his father who asks him: “Do you know what you just did?” and the boy reply’s: “I smoked a freakin monster!”, followed by a grin—That’s what its all about.

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