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Train to Hunt

Owen was not able to draw the tag he wanted in this year drawing so This tag was one of Oregon guaranteed first time youth tags. The season started today and With some help from a friend we were given a starting point for a unit we had never hunted. Last night we tried to scout the unit but many of the roads that should have been open were closed by land owners so we ended up not getting any scouting in. This morning we decided to try a spot farther down the road. On the way in we saw a big herd of elk but they were on private…

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How many packs do you own? Why not try a modular Backpack instead!

Benchmark Pro-Staff Taylor Skinner Everybody has their idea of the perfect pack. Luckily there are lots of good choices on the market these days. Not every Expedition backpack has everything a hunter would like or need in every situation. The pack could be too small, or does not have the ability to haul game because the frame is too weak. On the other hand, a smaller day pack may not have room for all your needed gear such as a snack, water, or even some rain gear. In most cases packs are not big enough and cannot pack meat when you are lucky enough to harvest an animal. Your option…

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