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6 Fun Things to Do if You Get Bored Hunting

When your out bowhunting, it’s extremely important to stay alert and be watchful for approaching big game. You never know when deer, turkeys or other wildlife will appear. It is also important to be ready to set up and make an accurate shot, if an opportunity presents itself. This being said, time in the woods flies some days and drags on for others. To keep yourself busy to avoid going stir crazy while awaiting action, try one or all of these suggestions. Remember, these suggestions could cause you to loose focus, fail to hear passing game, or you could possibly spook nearby game to hide your devices of “distraction”. 6…

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VIDEO: Priceless Reaction From A Young Hunter Who Smokes A Buck.

How many of you remember when you were young, embarking on sought-after hunting trip? Remember the excitement that filled your soul from getting up early heading out on the mountain or to a tree stand before the morning sunrise. The overwhelming anticipation of waiting for passing game to reveal themselves, providing you with an opportunity to harvest your first animal. Many times we’d wait patiently as our mind played tricks on us with sounds of small game moving through the woods.

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VIDEO: Deer Gives Stealthy Hunter a Sniff

How close do you think you could get to a deer? There are all kinds of products in the market today claiming to block your scent, mimic your surroundings to assist you in being illusive to big game. Depending on your level of hunting experience, the inexperience of the deer, and sheer blind luck, you may well get the chance to pet one of these wild animals. For Travis Schneider of Stuck N The Rut, some combination of those attributes rendered him nearly invisible to a pair of deer looking for forage.

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