The most versatile tree stand pack ever designed

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  • 2200 Cubic Inches
  • 20 Compartments
  • Strap for extra clothing
  • Gear grippers hold your bow or rifle
  • Accepts the Q014 M.A.Q. Quiver
  • Molded foam back and suspension
  • Unique flip top opening designed especially for use in a tree stand
  • Designed to provide access to all compartments while hanging in a tree
  • 25 Ft. bow pull-up rope included
  • Straps for rattling horns
  • Hook hanger and tree stand included


Realtree Xtra, New Mossy Oak Infinity

Weapon Carrier


Rain Cover


Hydration Bladder Compatible


5 reviews for G3 TREESTAND PACK

  1. 5 out of 5


    From all day treestand sets in Iowa for giant whitetails to chasing elk in the mountians out west the g3 is the most well rounded pack I have used!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    The G3 is an awesome pack….amazing how much versatility it offers from the tree or your back! I filled it full of a trailcam, bear box, tools, 2 cameras, an ecaller AND all my normal hunting gear….no problem an no strain.

  3. 5 out of 5


    This year was my 2nd season with the G3 tree stand pack. I have enjoyed it so much I’m writing this review after just purchasing the same pack for my best friend. Its great on long walks to the stand, sets up great in stand, and you can pack a ton of gear in it. I’m by far not an organized nut like some hunters. After one season using this pack I just hang it and everything is right there. I pack more into the woods these days than I probably need just because I can. Really like being able to very easy strap my bow to it save and secure. One of my best hunting gear buys ever.

  4. 3 out of 5


    Is this camera good for carrying a couple of dslr camera to the stand and how big is the main pocket?

  5. 5 out of 5


    I just received my G3 here in Germany brought in by a friend. The first impression is great when it comes to make and quality. The padding is great for an easy and stress free carry experience on longer hikes.
    Hunting from climbing seats is pretty new over here, specialized equipment is hard to be found and so this will be the main purpose of the pack: carry my climbing gear, a couble of ropes, binoculars and eventually a camera and some food for the day and use it in combination with a climbing seat.

    Looking at the backpack closely and comparing it to the pictures I am not sure if I fully trust the hoist rope hangers to lift my gun (or any other heavy and valuable equipment) from the ground. Also the picture suggests that the small back compartmemt has a sub-division for rifle cartridges etc. – this is not the case, there are 2 separate pockets though. Also in some review I saw it would come with a srew hook that can be screwed into the tree and so the flap of the main compartment could be held open. There is a good and durable plastic hanger built in – but for the tree side a branch or an extra screw hook will be required in addition.
    What is really great about all pockets is that there are always sub-compartments that make it easy to secure stuff and sort and access everything easily and most important without the danger of having things dropped to the ground while opening the compartments.
    I am now really excited to use it in the field!

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